At Pontifical Delegation for the Shrine of Holy House, Loreto
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Brother Corrado from Ancona 


ottaviano paleaniDoctor Ottaviano Paleani was born in Ancona on 28th September 1884. His father Giuseppe was a distinguished lawyer and erudite of local history. After obtaining classical A levels, Ottaviano chooses to attend the faculty of Medicine in Bologna.
After graduating, the eminent prof. Augusto Murri invites him to undertake an academic career, but Ottaviano prefers to go bak to Ancona and devote himself to the medical profession. He is general practitioner for the village areas of Sirolo and Poggio. He is an esteemed physician and establishes himself in Ancona.

A doctor for the rich and for the poor, he enriches his daily life with a spiritually characterized by an intense intimacy with the Lord, who calls him to a complete consecration of his life to Him. He thus enters the Franciscan order as a tertiary capuchin – declining to be ordered as a priest however – and takes the name of Brother Corrado, inspired from Saint Conrad from Parzham.

As a friar he enters in the Loreto community, where he lends his service to the train pilgrimages bringing the diseased people to Loreto. Together with the cardinal Nasalli Rocca he inspires the institution of a Medical Bureau. The numerous cases of extraordinary healings occurred in Loreto encourage him to report them in detailed analyses, which were regularly published in the Annals of the sanctuary, and then collected in a book, published in 1943, which achieved great success: “The healings of Loreto in their medical-scientific documentation” (reprinted in 2012).

A few weeks before his passing away, he expressed his composed wait of departure with the following words: “The Lord has bestowed me with His five wounds; I hope He will also concede me the crown of thorns”.