At Pontifical Delegation for the Shrine of Holy House, Loreto
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In February 2012 a permanent Medical Bureau has been instituted in Loreto at the Pontifical Delegation for the Shrine of the Holy House. The Bureau is named after dr. Ottaviano Paleani and its main objective is to provide the first level medical evaluation of scientifically unexplained healings occurred at the Holy House of Loreto.

This task is meant in terms of a service to the Catholic Church as a community of believers, that pays heed to the merciful signs of the Father, and defends the integrity of their faith.

The Bureau is a permanent agency and has started its activities by developing a physical and a digital archive of all the available medical and historical documentation stored in the locals of the Universal Congregation for the Sanctuary of Holy House. Also the Medical Bureau is currently examining cases of healings which have been reported in more recent years, but have not yet undergone the medical scrutiny.

The examination procedure follows the prescriptions laid down in the Pontifical Legate Decree, which states: “Aim of the Medical Bureau is to substantiate the facts, collect the evidence and deliver the first level evaluation of each case of potentially unexplainable healing, as well as to follow up its evolution for one year at least”.